Pocket World 3D



Drag the pieces to complete the buildings



All ages

Pocket World 3D is a casual game where you need to use all of the pieces that you have to erect buildings. In this game, you construct homes, bridges and monuments following a wide range of architectural styles from across the globe.

One of the features that make Pocket World 3D a highly entertaining game is that the level of difficulty increases as you level up. As you beat challenges, you get more and more pieces that you have to drag to the top to finish each building.

In Pocket World 3D, you also have to rotate the structure to find the right orientation so that the pieces fit together right. A lot of the parts of every building only fit right if you rotate the figure until it reaches the proper position. You can also select any of the levels from the main menu to start putting your skills to the test.

Pocket World 3D is an amusing game where you do puzzles until you finish constructing entire buildings. Plus, since you only have to drag the elements to play, you can have a blast and focus on building.